Photography  Rates

Corporate hourly rate

7 days a week     $400

*25% Deposit required prior to shoot date


Individual hourly rate

Monday - Thursday     $300

Friday - Sunday     $400


*All session photo shoots require a $100 non-refundable deposit at time of booking. All photos released full-size via digital download


Family or Children Session

Monday-Thursday $300 an hour

Friday- Sunday $400 an hour

-What to Bring & Tips

  • dress everyone in complementary colors add one famliy member to have a pattern
  • bring at least one change of clothes 
  • have snacks and or a favorite toy for the kids.
  • let us know what makes your children smile


Maternity Session

Monday-Thursday $300 an hour

Friday- Sunday $400 an hour

-What to Bring & Tips

  • bring 2-3 dresses or outfits
  • accessories such as baby shoes or a sign
  • a snack and water for yourself


Newborn Sessions

The cost is a flat rate of $600. A deposit of $100 must be made to hold a tentative date. Newborns are photographed within the first 4-10 days in our studio. Please allow 3-5 hours for the newborn session.

Newborn sessions include ALL photos from your session delivered via digital download with a photo release.  We like to shoot as much as we can within the time allotted. Each baby is different so quantity of images always vary.

Parents will also have the option to pick their top 5 images for enhancements at NO extra cost. Each additional enhancement is $10 per image. We also photograph mother and father's hands with babies feet at the end of your session.

Time is allotted for feedings and changes. All props and backgrounds are provided unless you have something very specific. Photos will be delivered within 2 weeks. 

-What to Bring & Tips

  • bring a pacifier (for pouty lips)
  • burp cloths
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • snacks

*This session does not include a full family with newborn portrait due to the amount of time required to ensure photos of the newborn.


One Year Smash Session

Monday-Thursday $300 an hour

Friday- Sunday $400 an hour


-What to Bring & Tips

  • book time when child is well rested
  • have three outfits, (the drive to the studio, first look, smash cake look)
  • bring a toy and or snack for smiles
  • Bring banners; smash cake, candle 
  • accessories such as headband, hat, necklaces 
  • if on location have wipes and a towel to clean up your sweet baby
  • let us know what makes them smile


High School Senior Sessions

Monday-Thursday $900 per session

Friday-Sunday $1200

1-3 hours on location


-What to Bring & Tips

  • bring 3-4 outfits
  •  sporting gear, musical instrument, what ever hobbies your into.
  • accessories such as shoes, jewelry, and scarves
  • if you have your senior ring and cap and gown 


Most of all have fun!


*All photos released full-size via digital download